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When it comes to researching your prospective contractors for your project, reviews and ratings are often misleading and corrupted. Don't be fooled by the marketing tactics of so-called review sites.

J. R. Ross Corp. is a Veteran owned business and that means something substantial, yet often overlooked. I am talking about Integrity! Integrity to stand behind your craftsmanship, provide written warranties and to do the right thing. We are not here to up-sell or over charge you, manipulate or defraud you. We are here to build a long- lasting business relationship with you.

While searching for our company on the Internet, you will find us listed with the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List and several other local media sites. What these sites do not advertise is that once we as business owners register our sites for marketing with them, they constantly solicit us with offers of enhanced listings. Essentially a Pay-for-Play marketing scheme. For example, I just had a conversation on the phone the other day with a representative from the Better Business Bureau where the caller was trying to sign my company up for their enhanced service! Basically for a small monthly fee I could buy and A+ rating! No longer does a company have to work for it, we can simply buy a better rating.

While on the topic of scams, as a business owner, I want to make the consumer aware that there are services that contact us weekly offering Facebook likes, twitter followers and subscribers and yes even Angie's List reviews for a cost. These companies have corrupted the database of reviews not just for our company, but for all companies across the world. The only option is speak directly with past clients.

Angie's List

It's basically like Better Business Bureau, City Search, or one of thousands of other local directories. Many of these directories are broken: biased reviews, paid inclusion, incomplete information, etc. This is where Angie's List claims to be different. They use "only" consumer generated content and require a "small fee" to keep the reviews unbiased.

Here's the worst part - after your company gets added they contact you and say something like "your company has been added and reviewed. If you'd like you have an enhanced listing you can pay us for that."

Essentially if you only look the the first few pages in your list, you will only see those that pay for the enhanced listings. In short, they pay more to show up first regardless of quality, craftsmanship, warranties and experience. Our company refuse to take part in what we feel is a dishonest marketing campaign.

You Get What You Pay For!

Here is a clear example that will require a little busy work on your part. Visit one of our competitors sites in you town and in one a few towns over. One thing you should notice is the portfolio and how they are identical! the question of who's work is that comes to mind. Here at J. R. Ross, you will find images of actual works completed by our company. While looking at our competitors, the larger franchise companies seem to claim credit for the same projects across the United States. So I ask you, where's the integrity in misleading you?

Best Way to Review a Contractor!


The best sure way of getting an Honest review is to talk directly with a few of either our past or current client's. No more sifting through countless false reviews from competitors, and word for word reviews from agencies listed on different sites. We simply have you go directly to the source. Feel free to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have and simply let us know when your ready to schedule your next project.



“ They were prompt, kept to the task and meticulous in their work. It was a pleasure having a crew with such a strong work ethic.”

Bunny Purcell, Long Beach, CA

“I highly recommend this company to anyone wanting a job well done at a reasonable price.”

Mark Boyer, Lexington, MA

“J. R. Ross was able to pick up where my last painters failed, and exceed my expectations.”

Betty Smith, Long Beach , CA

“ The professionalism and attention to detail by this company is truly amazing. I would definitely recommend and hire J. R. Ross Corp. for all my future painting needs.”

Cathy Marshall, Billerica, MA


"When You Have To Join An Organization To Get A Good Grade, I Think It's Wrong"





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